Lechon sa Carcar

Carcar Lechon

You might be wondering why there is a special section for Carcar Lechon when I have already a page dedicated to Lechon. Well, let’s just say that the Lechon from Carcar (a city in the southern part of Cebu about an hour from Cebu City) is different from the lechon you can buy from the rest of the island of Cebu. Their lechon is what we call “sinabwan”.  Sinabwan is Cebuano for “made into soup”. The lechon here is still roasted but they add drippings from the lechon which makes it juicy and more flavorful. You will have to try it for yourself to appreciate it.

The lechon can be bought inside the public or wet market located near the Carcar Rotunda/Circle. Inside the market, you can see rows of stalls selling lechon and once you get closer the vendors will offer a taste of their lechon to entice you to buy from them. Right beside the rows of lechon stalls are also vendors of “puso” or hanging rice which is the perfect pair for the lechon.

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White Beach, Moalboal and Pescador Island

Photo credits: Nayz Cabading

Moalboal, Cebu

After 3 hours of driving south from Cebu City, we finally reached our destination…Moalboal. We stayed in HK Resort where you can rent a cottage for as low as PhP 300 only which already includes entrance fee and parking fee. If you do not wish to get a cottage or room, you can just pay a minimal amount for the entrance fee and parking fee for your vehicle. There are also tents for rent at PhP 500 only.

Just like in any beach setting, Filipinos love to “sugba” or grill whether it be pork, fish, or seafood. There are a lot of grills available in the beach area which we are able to use for free as part of the payment for the cottage we got.

The beach has coarse white sand which is the reason why it was previously named “Basdaku”. Basdaku literally means “big sand”. This area has now been renamed as “White Beach.” It’s a long stretch of white sand where people can camp out or have a picnic if they wish to.

There are a lot of boats for rent if you wish to cross to Pescador Island or go see some sea turtles and dolphins. The boat fee ranges from PhP 2,000-3,500 depending on the size of the boat and the number of people in your group.

Pescador Island is one of the famous destination when in Moalboal. It’s best for people who wish to go diving or snorkeling. This small island is surrounded by coral reefs wherein you can see a variety of fishes. There is also a trench and underwater cave near this island where divers can see the other sea creatures inhabiting the deep sea. Before reaching Pescador Island your boatman will stop in the middle of the ocean so you can dive/snorkel and see the school of sardines swimming.


Magellan’s Cross

 Magellan’s Cross

This historical structure is located near the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino along Magallanes Street which is also where the Cebu City Hall can be found.

The cross not only has historical significance to Cebuanos but to the entire Philippines. If you grew up in Cebu I’m sure you have heard of Yoyoy Villame’s song entitled Magellan over the radio. The song starts like this…”On March 16, 1521, when Philippines was discovered by Magellan, they were sailing day and night across the big ocean…” (You can watch the YouTube video of this song). The song basically narrates the history of the discovery of the Philippines by explorer Ferdinand Magellan (Fernando Magallanes) and how he came to Cebu.  Read more


Casa Verde Restaurant

Casa Verde 

This is a family-owned chain of restaurants which is very popular among Cebuanos because of its value-for-money menu items. Their best seller is Brian’s Ribs (named after the owner) which is a huge slab of baby back ribs served with either rice or mashed potato at a very reasonable price. My friends from Manila are often shocked with the huge serving and the price to match it when I bring them to Casa Verde.

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Boracay Island


2014-09-21 00.03.24

Boracay Island – January 2014: On my way to Boracay I booked a flight via Caticlan Airport which happens to have the shortest runway in the country so landing was a thrilling experience. Luckily I booked a flight via Kalibo for the return trip to Cebu.

A week-long business trip with a little pleasure on the side. My sister shared this trip to paradise with me. Though I was busy meeting with clients and potential clients during the day, I made sure to find the time to explore the island early in the morning and at night. Read more


Bohol & Panglao Island

2014-09-21 00.19.09 Photo 12-9-13, 12 21 25 PM

Tagbilaran City, Bohol and Panglao Island – December 2013: Just two months after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake’s epicenter hit this island, I scheduled a trip to check on my client resorts and how they are doing. My sister decided to tag along with me on this trip which made this business trip more enjoyable.

Bohol is very accessible from Cebu. We only had to take the Ocean Jet fastcraft to get there. This was my visit in Bohol and Panglao Island so I wasn’t very familiar with how to get around. I booked a shuttle service from Tagbilaran Port to the resort. On our way to Panglao Island, I noticed that the streets were very quiet unlike the ones in Tagbilaran City where you could see a lot of tricycles and cars lining up the streets. I asked the driver what is the main mode of transportation is in Panglao and he said we could take the “habal-habal” which is technically riding a motorcycle or we could rent a car. Upon reaching the resort I opted to look up the car rental companies in the area and sure enough we were able to rent a self-driven car for PhP 2,500/24 hours. It definitely was the most convenient way go around Panglao and Tagbilaran without worries. Although driving a manual transmission vehicle after having driven an automatic transmission vehicle for a long time can be quite a challenge. Read more