Co Jordan Talaba and Bangus Eatery

Co Jordan Talaba and Bangus Eatery (Seafood Restaurant)

Located in Consolacion, Cebu, this place is already becoming famous as it is usually packed on weekends. This place features a huge parking space so driving up north to give this a try won’t be a problem. If you’re coming from Cebu City, you just head towards SM Consolacion and you turn right just before you reach SM Consolacion. The road is still undergoing concreting so the drive may be a little rough at certain points. You just drive all the way going past┬áRuben’s Talabahan and the PNP training camp then right after a small bridge, you will see Co Jordan Eatery on your left.

As the name suggests, it’s an eatery…so please do not expect fine dining at this place. Tables, chairs, and cottages are basically made from indigenous materials like bamboo, nipa, coco lumber and decors are made from recycled materials. The cottages are built over the fish pond where the cultured seafood is coming from. There is a uniquely Filipino feel to this place and it reminds me of the cottages on the public beach when I was still a child.

Co Jordan offers a variety of fresh seafoods at a very reasonable price.This includes, bangus, tilapia, lapu-lapu, prawns, shrimps, scallops, mussels, talaba (oysters), crabs, squid, and many more cooked the way you like it whether fried, baked, grilled or

soup based. Although the place is slightly more expensive than Ruben’s Talabahan which is a direct competitor, what’s great about this place is it allows dining guests or walk-in people to do some fishing on their fish pond. You do not have to bring anything, just yourself. You can rent a home-made fishing rod at PhP 10.00 each, buy a pack of fish feeds still at PhP 10.00 each, and buy some bait at (you guessed right) PhP 10.00 each as well. If you have no experience in fishing, no need to worry because the very friendly owner who sells the feeds and bait is always happy to teach you a thing or two about fishing. There are 2 types of fishes in the pond: Bangus and Tilapia. You can choose to have the fish you caught cooked there at PhP 290.00/kilo (regardless of the type of fish) or take it home at PhP 190.00/kilo.

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