Cebu is known to have one of the tastiest lechon (roasted pig) in the country so you simply cannot leave Cebu without tasting the lechon. Lechon is a whole pig roasted over charcoal. The secret is not only on the skillful rotation and slow cooking of the pig over the heat from the charcoal but also in the preparation and the ingredients added to ensure that the flavor is absorbed by all parts of the meat.  Renowned American Chef Anthony Bourdain visited Cebu for his show No Reservations and was quoted saying “best pig ever” after having a taste of the famous Cebu Lechon.

Cebu Lechon is famous for the crispy skin and very flavorful meat. Unlike in other parts of the country that uses liver sauce, the traditional sauce for Cebu Lechon is a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar with a little calamansi. If you want to add more kick to your sauce, you can add some chili pepper.

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