Lechon sa Carcar

Carcar Lechon

You might be wondering why there is a special section for Carcar Lechon when I have already a page dedicated to Lechon. Well, let’s just say that the Lechon from Carcar (a city in the southern part of Cebu about an hour from Cebu City) is different from the lechon you can buy from the rest of the island of Cebu. Their lechon is what we call “sinabwan”.  Sinabwan is Cebuano for “made into soup”. The lechon here is still roasted but they add drippings from the lechon which makes it juicy and more flavorful. You will have to try it for yourself to appreciate it.

The lechon can be bought inside the public or wet market located near the Carcar Rotunda/Circle. Inside the market, you can see rows of stalls selling lechon and once you get closer the vendors will offer a taste of their lechon to entice you to buy from them. Right beside the rows of lechon stalls are also vendors of “puso” or hanging rice which is the perfect pair for the lechon.

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