Baguio City

Baguio City, Benguet – November 2014: November is a great time to visit Baguio. It’s very cool even during the day and you can feel the Christmas air at night minus the overflowing tourists expected during the Christmas break. Tourists often flock to Baguio City in the summer to escape the very hot weather in the rest of the country making Baguio City the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. December is also the busiest time for Baguio so expect hotels to be fully booked weeks before Christmas.

This visit was my first in Baguio City and it was good that I was with Jane as she visits Baguio once a month so she is an expert in everything Baguio. We rode the Joy Bus Executive Coach which was definitely a good choice because we were so comfortable during the entire trip from Manila to Baguio City. The trip was only PhP 700/person/way. You get a bottled water and a snack and you get to sit in a very comfortable chair and you can elevate your legs and sleep soundly with the blanket they provide you.

Aboard the Joy Bus…Riding in Comfort

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Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

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Puerto Princesa City – March 2014: I spent a week in Puerto Princesa City with G but sadly I was not able to do all the activities of a typical tourist since this was a business trip. For this trip, I didn’t go to the Underground River, Crocodile Farm, Firefly Watching and the other top tourist destinations but I made the most of the trip by visiting the places that were readily accessible with my itinerary. Read more


Boracay Island


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Boracay Island – January 2014: On my way to Boracay I booked a flight via Caticlan Airport which happens to have the shortest runway in the country so landing was a thrilling experience. Luckily I booked a flight via Kalibo for the return trip to Cebu.

A week-long business trip with a little pleasure on the side. My sister shared this trip to paradise with me. Though I was busy meeting with clients and potential clients during the day, I made sure to find the time to explore the island early in the morning and at night. Read more


Bohol & Panglao Island

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Tagbilaran City, Bohol and Panglao Island – December 2013: Just two months after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake’s epicenter hit this island, I scheduled a trip to check on my client resorts and how they are doing. My sister decided to tag along with me on this trip which made this business trip more enjoyable.

Bohol is very accessible from Cebu. We only had to take the Ocean Jet fastcraft to get there. This was my visit in Bohol and Panglao Island so I wasn’t very familiar with how to get around. I booked a shuttle service from Tagbilaran Port to the resort. On our way to Panglao Island, I noticed that the streets were very quiet unlike the ones in Tagbilaran City where you could see a lot of tricycles and cars lining up the streets. I asked the driver what is the main mode of transportation is in Panglao and he said we could take the “habal-habal” which is technically riding a motorcycle or we could rent a car. Upon reaching the resort I opted to look up the car rental companies in the area and sure enough we were able to rent a self-driven car for PhP 2,500/24 hours. It definitely was the most convenient way go around Panglao and Tagbilaran without worries. Although driving a manual transmission vehicle after having driven an automatic transmission vehicle for a long time can be quite a challenge. Read more


Corregidor Island



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Corregidor Island – June 2013: This post-summer outing to Corregidor Island was just so memorable. Two months after I joined the company, an overnight trip to the historic island of Corregidor was scheduled. It was a great opportunity for me to get to know and bond with my new colleagues. It was a short ride aboard Sun Cruises fast craft from Manila and upon arriving we were assigned our bus and met with our official tour guide. We definitely had the best tour guide because he made history so alive and fun. We were given a tour of the ruins, barracks, cannons, batteries, and the famous Malinta Tunnel. Read more


Zamboanga City

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Zamboanga City – October 2012: This week-long vacation was well spent with family and family-to-be. My family flew to Zamboanga City for my brother’s wedding. Unfortunately though my sister was not able to make it as she was working in China during that time. Upon arriving at the airport, the uniqueness of the structure’s design immediately made an impression of this city’s beauty. Read more