White Beach, Moalboal and Pescador Island

Photo credits: Nayz Cabading

Moalboal, Cebu

After 3 hours of driving south from Cebu City, we finally reached our destination…Moalboal. We stayed in HK Resort where you can rent a cottage for as low as PhP 300 only which already includes entrance fee and parking fee. If you do not wish to get a cottage or room, you can just pay a minimal amount for the entrance fee and parking fee for your vehicle. There are also tents for rent at PhP 500 only.

Just like in any beach setting, Filipinos love to “sugba” or grill whether it be pork, fish, or seafood. There are a lot of grills available in the beach area which we are able to use for free as part of the payment for the cottage we got.

The beach has coarse white sand which is the reason why it was previously named “Basdaku”. Basdaku literally means “big sand”. This area has now been renamed as “White Beach.” It’s a long stretch of white sand where people can camp out or have a picnic if they wish to.

There are a lot of boats for rent if you wish to cross to Pescador Island or go see some sea turtles and dolphins. The boat fee ranges from PhP 2,000-3,500 depending on the size of the boat and the number of people in your group.

Pescador Island is one of the famous destination when in Moalboal. It’s best for people who wish to go diving or snorkeling. This small island is surrounded by coral reefs wherein you can see a variety of fishes. There is also a trench and underwater cave near this island where divers can see the other sea creatures inhabiting the deep sea. Before reaching Pescador Island your boatman will stop in the middle of the ocean so you can dive/snorkel and see the school of sardines swimming.


Seeing the Good in a Bad Situation

The Mimings: A month long experience that turned into a lifetime of friendship

I graduated from college in March of 2009. I couldn’t really say this was the best year to finish school as this was the time of recession. Finding a job that is in your field was quite difficult during this time. I already had a couple of years of work experience since I supported myself through college and my grades were also good but I just couldn’t find a job right away. I did not want to be unemployed anymore so I decided to apply in another (this was my last job prior to graduating) call center which was the only industry that had the most job openings.

I applied and got hired on the same day. Upon joining the company, I had to undergo training with the rest of the newbies. This is when I met Jaz, Nayz, Jonee, and Tata who will later be known as “The Mimings”. We were inseparable. We sat together in training, ate together, and hung out together after work. Read more

Look back: Do not forget the people who helped you in the past.

Look back: Do not forget the people who helped you in the past.

We all have someone in our lives who has helped us during our most difficult or trying times. It can also be just someone who was there when you needed a friend, who didn’t hesitate to share his/her time with you. During the time that it happened, it may not matter much to you the moment you shared with this individual. But as years passed and when you look back, you realize that person made a whole lot of difference in your life. This is what happened to me.

A few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook that a friend shared. The post was a plea for help for our teacher in college. The post  was asking people to donate blood to help pay for the outstanding medical bills after our teacher’s recent heart surgery. The teacher was a good friend in college. In fact, he was my mentor in life and in my school life. He was just there ready to listen, to help out, to give advice, to connect us with the right people to complete our school requirements, to share a drink or two when you’re having a rough day or when you feel like celebrating. After graduation though, as my closest friends in college and I grew apart, I have also ceased to keep in touch with my mentor. I guess a part of me didn’t want to remember the painful memories of college and of losing friends.

Graduation Ball Read more

All-time Favorite Drink

All-time Favorite Drink

I just enjoyed a great cup of coffee with my friend. For those who know me well, there is no need to mention which coffee shop and what kind of coffee I had. For the benefit of those who are yet to get to know me, I had my tall white chocolate mocha americano at Starbucks.

Starbucks has always been like home for me and white chocolate mocha americano has been my favorite drink for years. I fell in love with this drink when I started working at Starbucks. This drink is perfect for me because I love the caffeine from the double shot americano and the sweetness of the white chocolate mocha minus the milk which my stomach just cannot take. So this drink is good for lactose intolerant people like me. I have introduced this drink to a lot of my friends and many continue to order this whenever they visit Starbucks. Long after I’ve left Starbucks, I still continue to share this customized drink to others. I guess once a Starbucks barista, always will be a Starbucks barista. Read more

My Teacher, My Mentor

My Teacher, My Mentor

In life, we all get some form of education, whether formal or not. As for me, I had my formal education and I had my share of teachers. All of us have teachers but not all those teachers we consider our mentors. I have a few teachers whom I deeply cherish are those who have touched and influenced my life. I most especially love the teachers who really had the passion for teaching inside and outside the four corners of the classroom. This blog is dedicated to Mr. Manuel Nacua: Agriculture teacher, sepak takraw coach, and CAT Corps Commandant of Cebu City National Science High School.

CAT Batch 2003

Sir Nacua was a very approachable teacher. You could always talk to him when you needed advise or when you just needed someone to listen to you. He was so full of life, always smiling and joking around. His most famous words was “Cheating is an art, provided you will not be caught.” I know it has been almost ten years since I graduated from high school and I have grown old. So did my beloved teacher. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” However, I was still shocked when news of his passing away reached me.

I am just glad he is in a better place now and I have paid my last respects for him. To Sir Nacua, your teachings and your memories will forever be treasured by your students.

morning jog in the city

morning jog in the city

My sister just got home from her graveyard shift and she asked me if I wanted to go jogging. I immediately stood up from bed and embraced the idea of starting an active lifestyle. My new job, which I started a month ago, does not require a lot of energy anymore. I used to be a barista at Starbucks’s busiest store in Cebu so I was used to a very active lifestyle.

My sister and I got dressed and we started our morning jog. It was my first time to actually jog in the city streets of Cebu. Since it was early morning, there were only a few motor vehicles on the street which was good because I did not want to inhale all the fumes from their exhausts. As I started to increase my speed and needed deeper breaths, the smell of urine and garbage filled my nostrils. It smelled so bad in some areas that I had to hold my breath for a while.

Having my first jog in the city made me realize why fitness gyms are already booming in Cebu. The air in Cebu City is no longer conducive for early morning exercise. I really hope we could start cleaning up our city and preserving our environment before it’s too late.

late night sundae with madz

late night sundae with madz

My mobile phone just alerted me to a new text message. It was from my high school “kabarkada” who wanted to know if I was up for some late night sundae. It’s my day off today and I didn’t go out at all the entire day. So an out of the blue invitation from a very good friend is most welcome. We met up at McDonald’s and had our sundaes and some fries. We talked about updates in our lives, our other high school friends, and our plans for the future.

I’ve known Madz for 12 years now and ever since we graduated from high school, we have always managed to see each other at least once a year, or more often if time permits.  I am grateful for this friendship because no matter how seldom we see or communicate with each other, when we have our get together, we are still the best of friends. We enjoy each other’s company and we know we can always depend on each other when the need arises.

It’s those moments that we shared over 25 pesos worth of sundae that I treasure most for I am in the company of a good friend. A true friend who tells me when I am wrong, who accepts me for who I am, who drinks with me on occasions, and who holds my hair when I’m puking my guts out.

True friends are hard to find. We meet a lot of people but only a handful will truly stay with you until the end. Thank those people and never take them for granted.